One thing I notice about the adult/child relationship is the often lack of respect from the adult to the child, particularly so in teaching.  In so much as the adult often assumes they know more than the child.  This thinking may be right on many levels, BUT my humble experience is, if we allow ourselves to listen to the child, respect their ideas, their wishes, their dreams, their infant cries, their thoughts we will help them to flourish and grow, because by being respected and listened to and responded to they know they are being seen and heard.  I think we as adults often forget the vital importance of how being seen and heard in life can be transformational or totally detrimental.

So, the importance of respecting children’s ideas in the classroom setting is, to me, hugely important.  To be able to run with a project that someone has been inspired by is surely going to increase the learning tenfold for all involved.  Child led projects; lets see and hear, make and do, play and create and LEARN! 


I posted the trailer of Trashed, No Place For Waste because recently I have become more and more aware of how much I throw away.  Everything seems to come surrounded by the dreaded plastic and our bin seems fuller than ever.  It is therefore my mission to also create a school that has outstanding sustainability credentials.  I will do all I can to use products that are natural, re-cycleable, re-newable and bio-degradable.  A challenge, I know, particularly in our throw away society.  No doubt there will be areas where it makes sense to use plastic but I always hope that someone will show me another product that we could use.  I also hope that the parents will follow me on this journey.  We all needed to become wise about how to protect vs. destroy our planet. What a wonderful learning opportunity to create with children.

My Dream, my Vision, my Intention

If you are old to this site you might be a little surprised that the school project has gone.  I realised that if I wanted to be the mother and wife that I wanted to be, there was no way in hell that  I could start a school.  A huge relief in one way and sadness in another.

However, I have started something else! I have 3 passions in life; being incredibly healthy (with a little naughtiness added – I am only human after all!); raising babies (I’m fascinated as to why and how life shapes us particularly in the early years) and saving our darling planet.

I come across things that inspire me all the time and so here I go to write about them in case anyone else might be interested.  If you have something inspiring to share, please do.

So, here we go…having a dream, a vision and an intention is incredibly powerful, if we write down these intentions on paper the likely hood of it manifesting is even more powerful. So, my D, V and I is the following:

1. To be deeply healthy, mind body and spirit – we are multi dimensional beings after all

2. To love and be loved by my family and friends

3. To create more kindness in families, in friendships and where there is war

4. To raise my children in an emotionally intelligent way

5. To play and laugh daily!

6. For there to be more honesty in our governments, in ourselves

7. To be more creative and to encourage others to do the same

8. To have a successful vegetable and fruit garden

9. For there always to be dogs in my life

10. To be an inspiring leader and to be successful (in whatever way that looks, it could just be love!)

11. To be in the woods teaching Forest School  – getting children/adults into the woods to play

12. To connect with other like minded souls and create a supportive group

What is on your list?

Here are some books/links/people that might inspire you…

Wayne Dyer, Peaceful Daily, Thich Nhat Hunh, Deepak Chopra,,,, Catherine Cadden (Temba),,,

Sorry, but I have to stop here as I keep being woken VERY early and I need to get to bed.  More later I promise….